Smart Cricket Ball


Weighs, feels and plays like a regular cricket ball.

No External Setup

No external sensor or additional setup required

Bat ready

Can be used with a batsman batting against it.


Get your bowling speed, spin, seam and length in real-time

Profile History

Create your cricketing timeline.


Compare with the best in the world and improve


Sports Operating System


Custom-designed hardware for the appropriate sport, proprietary sensor fusion algorithms and integration with third-party fitness apps.

Non Intrusive

Capture data at the click of a button and see your statistics in real-time irrespective of how and where you play.


Different apps and data suites for coaches, players, scouts and broadcasters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a smart cricket ball?

A smart cricket ball is a sensor embedded ball that gives motion data as meaningful statistics in real-time.

What does the smart cricket ball measure?

The smart cricket ball measures speed, spin, seam position, seam consistency and length on the delivery.

How is it different from a regular ball?

A smart cricket ball weighs, feels and behaves like a regular cricket ball except that it is smarter.

How do I see the data?

You can download the SeeHow Train App from the Play Store  to use the smart ball and see your data.

What is the life of the smart ball?

Same as that of a regular ball.

Where can I buy it ?

We have currently produced limited volume. Please submit your details in the contact form below and we will get in touch.

How do I benefit from it?

Players can monitor their cricketing journeys, share this data with our coaches and improve over time. Please see our blog for one such success story.

Can it be used in a live match?

The smart cricket ball is bat ready and can be used in a live match as well. It has been manufactured following the ICC regulations.

What about accuracy of data?

Smart ball data has been developed after 2 years of research, it is a patented technology and accuracies have been validated for all metrics.

What other products do you have?

We have completed all the products in the cricket ecosystem to provide holistic training and match experience.